1.  Ikea commercial, a Utopian world gained through inexpensive, stylish consumerism and healthy, beautiful people.

2.  University of Pittsburgh, near-miraculous procedure.  For more information, please visit the University of Pittsburgh Neurological Surgery website at: www.neurosurgery.pitt.edu/news/woman-guides-robot-arm

3.  My favorite vision of what reality blended seamlessly with augmented reality might look like, from designer and filmmaker Keiichi Matsuda's series of short films "Augmented (hyper)Reality."  Please learn more about Matsuda's work by visiting his website: www.keiichimatsuda.com

4.  News clip about the work of Bionic Eye Australia.  "Bionic eye" technology holds a special interest and excitement for me because of my work for the Carnegie Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped.  Learn more about Bionic Eye Australia at their website: bionicvision.org.au

5.  TED Talk by Matt Mills and Tamara Roukaerts demonstrating Aurasma augmented reality technology.  Learn more about Aurasma at www.aurasma.com